Now Alchemy Review: 90 Days Of Ormus
2021 Now Alchemy Product Review – Ormus Plus

2021 Now Alchemy Product Review – Ormus Plus

Check out my recent review of what is the best ormus on the market, in my opinion. I also discuss monatomic ormus benefits and side effects.

Learn more about Ormus Here –What is Ormus? The Comprehensive Beginners Guide (UPDATED AUG 2021)

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Ormus and Ormus+

[/vc_column][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’ve recently finished spending ninety days trying two Ormus products in anticipation of writing my this review post. It has been long in the making and I am excited to have actually wrote it after all this time.

I came across Now Alchemy in a review video on Youtube while watching something unrelated, and it looked pretty decent. So I watched another and another. It was a very engaging material.  That led me to ask a few people in my alternative healing group if they have ever tried it, and about a dozen people said, yes. Some spoke very highly of Now Alchemy’s products, so I went ahead and purchased a bottle of Ormus.

Then I decided why not and splurged on a bottle of Ormus Plus and Elysium, as well. I didn’t want to feel like I missed out on whatever they added the plus for, and I have seen a few videos about Elysium as well.

I decided to store my bottle of Elysium for a later review, opting to use the other two for this review. I chose first to take the regular Ormus bottle for 45 days and then take the Ormus Plus for another 45 days.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]This review is my first on this blog, and I will have them once a month for the foreseeable future. Please, message me on social media and let me know if you found this post informative!


Side note: Three weeks ago, I reached out to request an interview for this post; however, no one has gotten back to me yet.



If you want to know more information about ormus, please check these posts:

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Ormus FAQ: 17 Commonly Asked Questions[/vc_column_text]


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Price: $0

Ingredients: Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh, 85+ Trace Elements, Infused with Rose, Egyptian Lotus, Clary Sage, Yarrow, Juniper, Angelica, Root, Lavender, and Jasmine

Website Description: None (The company gave a description of gold instead of the product)

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Price: $0

Ingredients: Ormus Gold. Rhodium, Ruthenium, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Copper,100+ Trace Minerals.

Website Description: None (The company gave a description of gold instead of the product)

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Suggested Use


Health Instructions


“Set a positive affirmation(I am statement), then apply 1 dropper full(a dropper full is about 70% of the dropper) under your tongue and hold for 15 seconds while meditating on your affirmation. Use 1-3 times per day for 90 consecutive days without stopping. Results are more noticeable on an empty stomach. Mixes easily with water, drink and food.”


Beauty Instructions


“Apply 3 drops to the face and rub into the skin 3 times per day for 90 consecutive days before stopping. Excellent for clearing acne. (50ml / 50 Servings)”




I’d want to point out that in the benefits description, Now Alchemy refers to the product as Gold instead of the correct name. Because of that, I will just be listing the claimed benefits instead of just copying and pasting the section. The writer most likely did it in error, but to be safe the full section can be seen on the their website.


    • Consciousness
    • Longevity
    • Aid with Addiction
    • Calm
    • Acne
    • Confidence
    • Will Power
    • Enhanced Moods
    • Balanced Libido
    • Deeper Sleep
    • Improved Cognitive Function
    • Skin Care
    • Treatment of Cancer
    • Increased Oral Health


That is a ton of supposed benefits— but can these products deliver?

Let’s find out!




Ormus & Ormus Plus:


For the cost, I had to give this a low score, no question about it. Ormus Plus is currently on sale for 50% off, but I’m not sure how much longer it will be on sale. Regardless, whether it’s $99 or $199, it still costs an arm and a leg.


The regular Ormus is much cheaper at $77.77, but still not cheap by any means.


But, let’s be honest—


If it does everything the company claims, then I would happily pay it!







The taste was probably the most pleasant out of any monoatomic product I have tried. You can detect the rose and jasmine it is infused with. I wish more Ormus products were infused like this. (This is for you, supplement manufacturers.)



Ormus Plus: 


This one was fine for me. It was relatively tasteless, which is what I usually prefer when I buy Ormus. Some other brands that I have tried in the past taste—


How should I put this? Interesting.






For the first week, I felt nothing; however, it’s normal for a monoatomic supplement to have a build for a couple days to weeks. On the 8th day, I started having minor headaches, which kind of irritated me. I’ve read reviews on various brands and saw headaches were a common complaint.


No big deal.


At the beginning of the third week, I became increasingly annoyed with the headaches as the dull pain was growing a little bit every day. But, I’m a fighter, so I popped a few ibuprofen, did the meditations, and everything else the instructions said every day because I was determined to finish what I started.


Unfortunately, the headache was a fighter too and lasted the remainder of the 45 days.


It’s sad to say, but my headaches controlled my mood.



Ormus Plus:


Do you think my headaches went away when I started the second half of my experiment?


Well, sort of.


My headaches went away in a surprising turn of events except for some dull pain around the forehead. However, just as that diminished, other annoying symptoms arose.


I started feeling agitated and anxious. Also read about slayer leecher. I had a hard time sitting down and focusing at work because I couldn’t get comfortable. Later, around bedtime, thoughts would be racing in my head, and I struggled to sleep.


Thankfully, my mood normalized about two days after my experiment.







At around the end of the second week, I noticed my shoulder pain slightly less, and it had a higher range of motion.


That is a good sign!


A little bit about me— in 2014, I tore my shoulder lifting weights and haven’t been able to raise it above my neck since. Also read about slayer leecher v0.5. But now I could get it a bit higher than my head, with a little pain.


This may be my imagination, but I’m pretty sure I was urinating a lot more frequently.


Not like it matters, I guess.


Ormus Plus:


Not much different happened during the last 45 days with Plus.


Nevertheless, my shoulder felt a bit better than even when I was on the regular supplement. Also read about wonder woman 1984. I started playing a few light games of racquetball with my brother.


It was nice to be active like that again.





Now if you read my previous post “What is Ormus: The Complete Beginners Guide for 2020” you would know that I do not get vibrations or feelings of enlightenment as hard as some Ormus users. This is just my experience.


To be completely honest, I felt nothing different here. No enlightenment or oneness with myself.


Just plain, old me.


And trust me, I had an open mind.


Ormus Plus:

The last four and a half weeks of taking this product, I was in a “funk.”


If I can be completely candid:


It felt like life didn’t have much of a purpose; almost as if everything was black and white. Just dull.


I can’t be sure if it was the Ormus or not; however, it was the only thing I had changed in my routine.


Four days after my 90-day experiment, the symptoms started subsiding, and I felt a glimpse of normalcy. Within a week, I was feeling right as rain.

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    • 5/5 Brian K, “Love it, wouldn’t be able to start my day without it! A bit expensive, but worth every penny! “
    • 1/5 Denise S, “Never again. The energy was dark and wrong.”
    • 5/5 Charles B, “Excellent product!!! Use it everyday.I have tried many other Ormus and CBD products but this is by far the most effective.
    • 1/5 Shereif KPlease be warned- this is not a legitimate business. It is a scam, and a possible front, using deceptive methods to make sales. […] Now Alchemy products are getting banned everywhere in LA, and we highly support homeopathic medicine here.
    • 5/5 Kate K, “Now Alchemy’s products are truly one of a kind and incredible.”
    • 1/5 Brian R, “I didn’t feel the vibrations like I normally do with [redacted]. The worst part is it made my arthritis flair up.”

All reviews here both good and bad are solely the opinions of the individual named, and does not reflect the views of Ormus.Blog

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About The Business


Now Alchemy LLC. is a business based in Santa Monica, California where they house their own lab for production.

According to the company’s description,

“Now Alchemy is the manifestation of one passionate man’s dream to create a family of wellness supplements that he could personal use and trust.”

Archer Love, the founder, started creating supplements attempting to combat his PTSD and other mental illnesses. He realized that people loved his supplements and, generously, he wanted to supply them to as many people as he could.

Currently, Love has taken a portion the company to Camp Swift, Texas where he has recently purchased a quarter-million dollar estate. He intends to turn the ranch into a pseudo-utopia.

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Archer Love
Archer Love
Founder of Now Alchemy LLC., Prescott Love LLC.
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Final Thoughts
At this point, I cannot recommend these products. It seems to me that there are some kinks that need to be worked out. I understand many people have different reactions to Ormus, so it could just be me. After my experience, I don't think I will be trying this again.
Emotional Effects
Physical Effects
Spiritual Effects
Minor Pain Relief
Decent Taste
Well-made Packaging
Daily Headaches
Abnormal feelings such as: Anxiety, Agitation, Sadness
Frequent Urination
Final Score
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