Monatomic Gold Ormus: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage [2021]
Monatomic Gold Ormus: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage [2021 Guide]

Monatomic Gold Ormus: Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage [2021 Guide]

If you are a beginner to alternative healing, I’m sure you are wondering, “what is ormus?”

Let’s jump right in.

Ormus, also known as the acronym “ORME” (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) , are atoms of rare metals like gold and palladium in a monoatomic form. Wikipedia defines monatomic as follows:

“the words ‘mono’ and ‘atomic’, and means ‘single atom’. It is usually applied to gases: a monatomic gas is one in which atoms are not bound to each other.”  –Wikipedia (Monatomic Gas)

So, if it generally only applies to the noble gases, we may have found a rare exception.

For example, monoatomic gold would just be a mass of gold atoms that exist unbound to anything. Some call this form the m-state, or Ormic state, which they believe is the fifth state of matter. 

I only learned about 4 states of matter in middle school…

Could this be an exception?

Properties of Ormus and Monoatomic Elements


Ormus properties superconductivity changing mass


Ability to Change Mass

When heated, ORMEs are prone to lose or gain mass readily. As a practical example: Water retention of soil is increased when Ormus is used as a fertilizer due to this mass-changing effect.


ScienceAlert defines superconductivity as “a phenomenon [where] a charge moves through material without resistance [or] loss of energy.” For metals, this is a fairly common phenomenon, and it occurs at or below absolute zero.

Monoatomic gold is different than the conventional monatomics of an element in that it makes it possible to achieve superconductivity at temperatures that are higher than other metals.

There are only a handful times superconductivity has been seen at room temperature, and Ormus is one of them.


Independent researcher, Roger Taylor PhD, reported in his journal titled “Studies on Life-Energy by Means of a Quantitative Dowsing Method”, that he observed a ‘tunneling’ effect, in which Ormic substances fused through glass under certain circumstances.
What Taylor is insinuating is that the superconductive and tunneling properties of Ormus mean that it can change the mental, physical, and biological state of an object…or even people.

It’s mind-blowing to think there is some element out there that and randomly lose mass can fuse between an object. 

I cannot even fathom the possibility.

Oh, and my wife is reading over my shoulder and mentioned that she wishes that I would randomly lose weight, like an ORME

Ormus Benefits


Numerous perks are attributed to daily doses of Ormus gold and other monoatomic metals. While the main attraction for some is the spiritual benefits, the physical and psychological benefits of Ormus are nothing to laugh at.

Helps you stay sick 🤙, not sick 🤧

A major benefit of Ormus is the reinforcement of the immune system, which helps in fighting existing diseases, like arthritis, and prevents the body from contracting new ones. It greatly helps in providing all-around good health and better quality of life.

A tablespoon of Ormus gold, a multivitamin and a vitamin C pill has been my nightly routine for over a year. I can’t recall the last time I even had the sniffles!

I wonder if adding Ormus to my daily vitamins has had a small role in keeping my family and I Covid free.

Increases metabolism

scientific study on the consumption of monoatomic gold revealed that it drastically restored ideal metabolism in subjects and regulated it. It kept the bodily functions in check, ensuring optimal functioning of the different organs. The participants were observed to have increased motivation, energy, and focus. It was noted that Ormus might supply adequate amounts of essential nutrients needed by the body to help you retain power and work longer without getting tired.

Increases Energy

Right now, there is a constant flow of minuscule charges throughout the neurons in your body. These charges run your entire nervous system and, in this case, the Ormus would act as a catalyst. It speeds up neuron signalling in your body because of its superconducting ability. As a result of that, you will feel a notable increase in your physical energy, stamina, and alertness.

Keeps you looking as great as you feel

Healthy skin and improved eyesight are the other potential benefits of ORME on human health. Ormus is thought to repair damaged DNA which is one of the leading causes of ageing. Greying hair, wrinkled skin, and other common signs of ageing can be slowed down and possibly reversed! Ormus also helps in keeping the brain active and boosts memory even in old age.

Enhanced concentration 

When taken daily, it stimulates the portion of the brain responsible for focus, awareness, and thoughts. It may be used in conjunction with other medicines to treat behavioural disorders like ADHD, seeing as the effects of Ormus increases focus greatly.  

Other experiments conducted by neurologists show that the human brain becomes more active, and neural functions like concentration improved significantly while using Ormus gold. Research from that same study shows that monoatomic gold is a beneficial tool against Alzheimers


If you have struggle with mental health issues, read my blog post on how to repair your mental health. If you would like further reading, here you can read about my personal experience with overcoming anxiety and depression.


Improved sleep 

If you take Ormus before going to bed, your mind will have an easier time relaxing and ensure that you fall asleep faster.

Personally, I have noticed a higher quality of sleep than I have had in years. I’m a lifelong insomniac who would stay up playing games until sunrise and go into work looking like a zombie.

And now?

Now I sleep like a hairy, adult-sized baby. 👶🏼

Hacking your Brain: The Pineal Gland

We have all heard the theory that humans only use 10% of their brains. (Limitless was such a good movie. Shout out to Bradley Cooper!)

What if that were true?

What if Ormus was the key to unlock your brain?

According to a good portion of users, it could help to unlock the part of your brain that is responsible for vivid thoughts and lucid dreaming. Hudson alleges that the use of Ormus could also result in spontaneous realizations, spiritual awakening, and visions of a divine entity. In religion, the Buddhists refer to this state as ‘bodhi’ or ‘Nirvana.’ In the spiritual community, this is known as opening your third eye, also known as the pineal gland.
I said Hudson alleges because, while I have not yet experienced it, I’ve heard numerous accounts from friends and other extremely reliable sources who have. I am told it is a relatively common and breathtaking experience.

Benefits in Animals

Reports have been shared that animals given Ormus, more vibrancy and stamina have been observed. This could lead to decreased mortality, decreased infection rates along with increased weight.


A growing number of farmers are beginning to use Ormus and as an additive for fertilizers for their crops. Agricultural land, seeds, and plants given Ormic fertilizers have presented increased tolerance to transplanting, water retention, tolerance to diseases, and insects. The crops demonstrate a slightly shortened growing cycle, increased crop yield, and higher quality. Crops made with Ormus have produced larger fruits and vegetables with higher mineral content. Similar benefits have occurred with plants grown for flowers.


Daily Use of Ormus

What forms does Ormus come in?

Ormus generally come either in powder, liquid, or capsule form. Neither is better than the other. The powder or capsule may be a bit more concentrated, but it is really just personal preference. 

I prefer to take a pill as I can just add it in with my daily vitamins right before bed. I’m all about efficiency. I have tried all three forms and they work generally the same.

How do I store Ormus?
    • If in a glass container, make sure the container is tinted as Ormus is sensitive to light.
    • Keep in a cool, dry place such as a kitchen cabinet.
    • Store in temperatures between 40°F and 75°F ideally.
    • Consume within 3-6 months.
How do I take Ormus?

It is generally accepted that you may take Ormus either orally or rectally, and neither method is the better than the other. You may also add Ormus with your food or drink if it is easier for you.

When should I take Ormus?

If you ask 10 different people, you will get 10 different answers. Honestly it will be different for most people, however, I’ll give you the two most common pieces of advice you will find anywhere:

A. Take the first half as soon as you wake up and the second half  15 minutes before your most mentally strenuous activity of the day. 

B. Take the first half right when you wake up and the other half right before bed.

C. Take the full dose of Ormus when you wake up or before bed.

I take it right before I go to bed. My reasoning is, I always get restful sleep and then I wake up ready to take the day on. 

I used to take it when I woke up in the morning, but it was just like coffee when you wake up. What I mean by that is I woke up feeling lousy and then felt amazing after taking Ormus. 

Not good enough for me.

I wanted to wake up feeling amazing and start off the day with a bang. It has been working well for me so far.

CAUTION: If you have bought yours from a company, please follow the instructions on the bottle for dosages. Don’t listen to anyone else, except a medical professional.

CAUTION: Everyone responds differently to Ormus, but if you have a bad reaction from the Ormus, half the dosage to following day and see how you feel. Depending on the severity of the reaction, stop taking it immediately and discuss with a trained medical professional.

How is Ormus Made

Raw ORMUS is extracted from marine deposits of the oceans and then chemically treated. The method of ‘leaching’ is used to purify the extract. By adding alkaline matter, the solution’s acidity decreases, and the excess sodium (which is an impurity) is released. This process results in pure ORMUS formation, which is then further processed and tested for safe consumption. 

DIY Ormus

Wow…Look at you.

A few minutes ago you were just asking, “What is Ormus?” Now, you’re hear reading about how to make it.

I’m proud of you. 😭

I haven’t found a recipe that I feel comfortable enough sharing with everyone online. I’d like to test it out multiple times first to find the most beginner-proof recipe that I can.

A recipe will be posted as soon as I find a suitable one.

Personally, prefer to buy through a reputable company that has strict quality control guidelines. That is my own opinion, of course.

A Brief History

Ancient Egyptians of Kehmet documented that Ormic minerals have existed since the beginning of time. These Egyptians used various methods to produce what they called “shem-an-ah”. This material – used as medicine – they believed was the key to immortality, going as far as to call the exotic mineral “the flesh of the Gods”. Such substances are equally referred to in many other cultures. The Hebrews’ “manna” and “The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus” are a couple of other fancy names Ormus has garnered for itself.

As time passed on, the knowledge of Ormus (or whatever it was called back then) started to fade away, up until its rediscovery in the year 1975 by David Hudson. He is the greatest contributor to the study of ORMUS since its rediscovery.

Hudson was a farmer in Arizona who discovered a “gold-and-silver like” metal during the process of digging in the 1970s. Hudson, took the material to Cornell University where chemists attempted to identify the unknown it. After having spent more than 5 million dollars, observations that were made were publicly released, gathering attention from scientists all over.

In the year 1989, he chose to name his discovery ORME, an abbreviation for “Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements.”

Where to Buy Ormus?

The best ormus on the market, in my opinion, would have to be Atomic Ormus from Suspended Solutions. I have tried many different types of Ormus, and I keep my mind open going forward too, but currently, this one gives me only positive effects, and I am always feeling energized and focused. Also, because of their safety standards, I know I can trust it. I also feel confident since it is the most popular ormus at the moment, and for good reason.

Please, read my atomic ormus review and let me know your thoughts!


Still wondering what Ormus is?

I hope by now you have a good basic knowledge about Ormus Gold and Monoatomic Elements. There is still much more out there for you to discover. I will be trying to cover all of it here on my blog weekly as well as cover product reviews of all the options out there. So if you still are wondering about Ormus, feel free to regularly check the blog!
If there are any questions you would like answered in a future post or updated in this one, please, let me know!
I added a tl;dr version in case this article was just a bit too much to read.



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